Aeration hoses

one side air permeable, lightweight and flexible

Technical information


special hose for the aeration of bulk powders and granular

Technical information


special hose for the aeration of bulk powders and granular

Through special aeration hoses, bulk materials are fluidized (loosened up with gases) all over the world. While this makes sense, the storage of bulk materials with an average grain diameter of 0.2 mm and smaller poses various challenges and issues.

Issues with bulk solids

If not sufficiently mixed by means of aeration hoses, the various small-grained materials will clump together. As a result, the flowability is reduced. Therefore, clogging occurs not only in silos, but also on bridges, in shafts or industrial hoppers, which can make regular operation difficult.

Substances that are considered to be difficult to flow (bulk materials) include the following

  • Plastic powders,
  • pesticides,
  • cement,
  • pigments,

… and numerous others.

 Aeration hoses as part of the solution

With the introduction of trouble-free gas (depending on the bulk material properties), aeration hoses ensure that easy handling of materials between 10 and 200 μm is perfectly possible.

Aeration hoses are a key part of loosening bins in silos and other storage units. They literally get things moving in silos, bulk lines, hoppers or bulk bins.

Examples of advantages of fluidizing bulk material by means of aeration hoses:

  • Minimizes the amount of energy required for transport
  • Avoids the formation of chimneys and bridges
  • Bulk solids can be used at high temperatures and pressures
  • Emptying of the silos can thus be carried out optimally
  • Bulk material discharge with optimum dosing capability
  • Reliable bulk material discharge
  • Reduced frictional forces within silos and pipelines
  • Increased service life due to reduced friction in silos and pipes
  • Longer discharge times possible even after extended idle periods

The aeration hoses from PARSCH

The PARSCH product range includes:

  • Siloflex N uncoated
  • Siloflex one-sided yellow coated

These two hoses for silo ventilation are made of 100% polyester. Their special linen weave with two red tracer threads with controlled air permeability makes them easy to use. One reason for the expansion of the application area of the aeration hoses beyond the fixed mounted silos and bins is the easy handling. The PARSCH aeration hoses are widely used for mobile bulk material loosening by companies using silo vehicles or other bulk material transporters for transport.

Fields of application for aeration hoses

The aeration hoses from PARSCH are used by numerous companies in a wide range of industries.

In power plants, fine coal, coal dust, hydrated lime and limestone powder are transported safely and quickly from A to B in this way.

Clay, cement, quartz sand, ground shale, lime, gypsum, and pulverized coal are also easily transported by the use of aeration hoses.

In addition, aeration hoses are also extensively used in the chemical industry. This enables companies in this sector to store and transport goods such as fertilizer, soda powder, carbon black, titanium dioxide, potash or even graphite easily, quickly and safely.

Within the water treatment sector, goods such as activated carbon, flocculants or other aggregates can be kept loose and thus protected from clumping.

Sand has a tendency to clump. However, in the glass industry in particular, this is something that should be avoided. For this industrial and craft sector, the sand, the glass batch, the colorants as well as other aggregates are kept mobile and thus processable using aeration hoses.