Hose bridges, hose carriers, repair material & more

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interlocking design in high strength reinforced rubber

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impact and abrasion protection for hose assemblies

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system for first aid repair of delivery hoses

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practical hose carrier for all kinds of hoses

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vulcaniser for the repair of layflat delivery hoses

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repair kit for the external repair of layflat Delivery Hoses

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Extinguishing system for electric vehicles

Fighting fires is not a job for a one-man show. In Germany and around the world, fire departments operate as a team. The same applies to their tools. A water pump without a hose or a fitting without a coupling is of little help in practical use. It is therefore not surprising that high-quality accessories such as hose bridges and protective sleeves are an essential part of rescuing and securing human lives.

It goes without saying that PARSCH also places great emphasis on the highest quality when it comes to accessories for the numerous hoses in its range. Below you will find detailed information on the useful accessories for our product portfolio.

PRONTO P 10 – Vulcanizer unit for the repair of pressure hoses

PARSCH hoses for fire departments, drinking water hoses for events and many other hoses are designed to be low maintenance. Nevertheless, damage can occur due to extreme weather conditions, mechanical wear, or willful damage to property. The PRONTO P 10 vulcanizing unit is the perfect solution for restoring the integrity of pressure hoses so that you do not have to order new products immediately but can repair your hose professionally on your own.

The unit is suited for the repair of damage for …

  • uncoated,
  • PU-coated and
  • outer rubberized

… pressure hoses. In many cases, it is sufficient to simply apply pressure using the easy-to-operate manual clamping lever. A movable lower plate of the PRONTO P 10 allows uniform contact pressure during the vulcanization process. An integrated timer is the control unit for the 15-minute vulcanization time. And no need to worry: the automatic temperature controller ensures that overheating is not an issue.

Top Fit – Repair material for the restoration of pressure hoses

The TOP FIT repair box is intended to help firefighters and other users of pressure hoses to restore them to operational readiness again. By using the already presented PRONTO P 10 vulcanizer, you can repair your hose with the supplied two sheets of patching material in red and white, a pair of scissors, a brush, a Teflon film, and a plastic bottle for self-filling with acetone. Please note that the acetone is not included in the delivery.

Hose bridge – Interlocking hose bridges made of highly reinforced rubber

As robust and resistant as the PARSCH hoses are, if several vehicles weighing tons regularly drive over them, this is not conducive to the braiding and to the other materials. While there are good repair boxes and tools (see above), you can avoid such damage in the first place by using a hose bridge.

PARSCH hose bridges are suitable even for heavy trucks to drive on. Our bridges are lightweight and can be easily assembled to the desired bridge width. Their recesses allow up to two parallel hose lines to be protected at the same time. The underside is, of course, non-slip and ensures optimum grip on the ground. Currently, fire departments, agricultural operations, industry, and forestry make use of hose bridges.

Hose carrier – Practical hose carrier for all types of hoses

Transporting hoses quickly can mean the difference between life and death. For this reason, the infinitely adjustable hose carriers for any hose size as well as dimension are of such importance for firefighting forces. They are equipped with a simple mechanism. Thanks to the galvanic zinc coating, a hose carrier is rust-proof.

Leakage slider – Quick repair system for C, B and A pressure hoses

In the field, things often must work very quickly. When you detect a leak on a C, B or A pressure hose, use the leakage slider as a quick repair system. Once in place, the internal pressure in the hose ensures a leak-tight seal.

Protective sleeve – Impact and abrasion protection in the area of the binding

The protective sleeve prevents holes from forming in a pressure hose in the area of the binding due to the coupling hitting the ground or chafing.

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