Hoses for mining

Special hoses for underground

Technical information


electro conductive special hose for mining according to LOBA no. 18.43.21 XII2

Technical information


electro conductive special hose for mining according to LOBA no.

Mining Hoses

Special hoses for underground

Throughout history, the underground workplace has always been a particularly special environment. The pit foremen, miners and colliers embrace their profession with heart and soul. But it is not only the people who are special, because the tools, machines and materials also have to be adapted to this specific work environment. And this also applies to the flat hoses. The PARSCH special hoses Oil Favorite 100 and NITROGEN DA meet precisely these requirements and are therefore a reliable tested LOBA product for underground applications.

In addition to these applications, these hoses are also used in industry and refineries. The steel industry as well as operators of large tank farms rely on the quality products from PARSCH.

OIL FAVORITE 100 mining hose

In accordance with LOBA No. 18.43.21 XII2, this hose is approved for use in mining as a special electrically conductive hose. The high-strength hose fabric is circular woven and consists of 100% polyester. In addition, 3 copper strands are woven into the fabric. The smooth black inner rubber lining consists of an electrically conductive NBR rubber.

A special blue polyurethane coating increases the abrasion resistance and thus the service life of the hose. This also makes the hose easier to clean by preventing water and dirt absorption through the fabric.

Electrical resistance is < 106 ohms.

The oil Favorite 100 is available with two standard inner diameters: 25 mm and 52 mm.

NITROGEN DA mining hose

Certified according to LOBA No. 18.43.21-48-26 for mining, this hose, like the OIL Favorit 100, is a special electrically conductive hose with three woven-in copper strands.

Here, too, the black electrically conductive NBR rubber is found in the inner lining. In contrast to the OIL FAVORIT 100, the NITROGEN DA is equipped with a black outer cover, which is also made of a black NBR conductive rubber.

The electrical resistance is < 106 ohms.

The NITROGEN DA is manufactured and produced exclusively with the inner diameter of 150 mm.

Properties of mining hoses

PARSCH mining hoses’ antistatic properties are a basic prerequisite for their use in underground firefighting. This is because wherever flammable gas may escape and in places where there is a risk of explosion, this prerequisite is indispensable.

The high abrasion properties, the oil and chemical resistance and the low-pressure loss due to the smooth inner rubber lining extend the important criteria that such a hose must meet. During production, all PARSCH hoses are uncoiled and are thus immediately ready for use.

Cooling resistance down to – 30° Celsius as well as heat resistance up to + 100° Celsius in combination with ozone, aging and weathering resistance make the hoses ultimately the perfect mining hoses.

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