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Winter tourism represents one of the most important lifelines in many mountain regions. A reliable supply of snow is essential for sound economic planning. Ever warmer winters are bringing more and more natural snowfall to the fore. Snow cannons and snowmaking systems are the answer for many lift operators, tourism agencies or even hotels. So-called snowmaking hoses are an important factor for successful operation.

What are snowmaking hoses?

Snowmaking hoses are connected directly to snow guns. By means of the hoses, the operators supply sufficient water to the artificial snow system in the mountains. This is converted into fine snow in the snowmaking system. The white gold of the mountains is brought to the slopes via the discharge blower.

An unmistakable quality feature of snow gun hoses is continuous operation. Thereby the hoses are operated with high pressure. Parsch snowmaking hoses have the advantage that they are specifically designed for harsh mountain environments and are extremely durable.

In order for the snowmaking hoses to work in diffuse light in the morning or evening hours, or in light fog or rain when operating on the slopes, they have been designed in signal colors. Thus, the hoses are easily spotted by skiers and snowboarders. This makes it particularly easy to take evasive action. Workers in the winter sports areas can therefore also avoid the snowmaking hoses at night with good lighting.

Properties of snowmaking hoses

At Parsch, the snowmaking hoses are made of high-strength polyester fabric. These, as well as the couplings and connections, can withstand enormous loads during practical use in winter.

It is important for outdoor use that the snowmaking hoses are not only weather-resistant, but also well protected against the effects of ozone as well as UV radiation. The polyester fabric is also highly effective at resisting deterioration.

When used in practice, it is above all the maximum protection against mechanical damage to the fabric that makes the snowmaking hoses from Parsch a great long-term investment. Moreover, the outer material ensures that dirt and moisture are immediately repelled.

Benefits of snowmaking hoses

A snow cannon hose for snowmaking systems is in many winter sports regions the foundation for bringing enjoyment to young and old. Whether on the children’s hill or on the black slope – without pure white splendor, happiness quickly fades. Moreover, numerous tourist regions use the combination of snowmaking hoses and snowmaking equipment to create what many families in particular expect from a vacation in the mountains – a white Christmas.

Transporting goods and materials in mountainous terrain often involves a lot of effort. That is why Parsch snowmaking hoses are made as light as possible. This ensures that less fuel has to be loaded into the snow groomer and thus consumed. In addition, more snowmaking hoses can be loaded into cable cars, which in some places also provide transport.

The fabric insert in the snowmaking hoses is the reason why these are …

  • very pressure stable,
  • yet light
  • and flexible.

This is also achieved and guaranteed by the high-strength polyester yarn used.

Properties of the exterior for snowmaking hoses

Different colors facilitate visibility, and the surface is also dirt- and moisture-repellent. In addition to these advantages, many snow suppliers or artificial snow producers also use snowmaking hoses because they provide a particularly good grip in artificial snow. The hoses do not simply slip and tug on the water source or the snowmaking system.

In the event that the hose does start to slip a bit and becomes stable on a rock or tree, there is no danger. Our snowmaking hoses are also equipped with a special kink protection.