Industrial hoses

state-of-the-art hoses for industrial operations

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layflat hose

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highly visable and fluorescent layflat hose

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layflat hose

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Polyurethane coated layflat hose

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layflat hose for the E/D/E-Group

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layflat hose for the Nordwest-Goup

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special hose for pneumatic devices

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rubber covered layflat hose

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fully extruded multi-purpose layflat hose

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compressed air hose

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rubber covered hose with smooth cover

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electro conductive hose with white inner lining for conveying powdered food

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oil resistant rubber covered hose with smooth cover

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with or without inner thread

Industrial hoses

Hose technology for the industrial sector

Private individuals or even professional gardeners are familiar with the “normal”, yet high-quality water hose. It is quite impossible to imagine life without them there in these areas. However, the same also applies to the industrial sector. The use of industrial hoses is known to offer many different options. In fact, hoses are considered to be excellent tools for transporting various materials, including water.

PARSCH offers you a wide variety of industrial hoses. It is our pleasure to informatively present numerous application possibilities to you in this section.

What are industrial hoses used for?

PARSCH’s industrial hoses take into account the variety of application areas with specially reinforced rubber hoses. A large number of rubber hoses for industry are produced from plastics. These hoses are manufactured by means of a special hose technology.

Various industrial hoses also find use in compressed air systems. During practical use, these compressed air hoses must be highly airtight. Optimally, compressed air industrial hoses should be resistant and resilient to commonly applied chemicals and also to oils. Also, in this field of application, thermoplastics occur in the mix of materials.

In addition, industrial hoses with the appropriate diameter are also capable of functioning as bulk transport lines. Most industrial hoses deployed in this way are fabricated from plastics. In some cases, depending on the bulk material, rubber hoses (reinforced with metal) are also being used.

Properties of industrial hoses

Like most products used in industrial goods processing, industrial hoses must meet a selection of requirements. In order to ensure that the hoses comply with the companies’ expectations, the following standards apply to high-quality industrial hoses:

    • Mechanical resilience and weathering and temperature resistance
    • General resistance to temperature
    • When used in pressurized systems – a specified and proven resistance to determinate pressures
    • Resistance to fuels, oils, alkalis, greases, acids, and other chemicals

    The exact requirements an industrial hose has to fulfill are determined by the respective area of application.

    The inner workings of industrial hoses

    The inner lining, i.e. the inner workings of an industrial hose, can consist of up to 25 different components. The major part is composed of rubber, various fillers and, to a lesser extent, chemicals, and accelerators. In the process of manufacturing (industrial) hoses, there are six different basic qualities required for the inner lining:

    • SBR rubber is ideal for standard hoses
    • EPDM rubber is highly ozone resistant
    • NBR rubber has good conductivity and is also resistant to oil and gasoline
    • NBR/PVC is ageing and weather resistant
    • Chlorobutyl can be vulcanized in a variety of ways

    Industrial hose materials are woven according to PARSCH’s recipes. Due to recurring changes in circumstances (e.g. higher mechanical requirements), the compounds are continuously refined and adapted at PARSCH.

    If you have any questions on the subject of industrial hoses, we at PARSCH will be more than happy to answer them.